Saturday, 5 December 2009

Diets for cancer patient

I found this tips from Sister Dalilah (cancer survivor) about her diets. Insyallah, I think I better linked her blog before I forget about it. Alhamdullilah and Jazakallah Sister Dalilah for your tips. Insyallah, this is considered one of our effort. This might affect few of cancer patients out there, and it might not. However, everything is under Allah's power. If He wants to cure, insyallah. He will else, take it as HIS biggest test from Him because He loves us.

Sister Dalilah tips. Her blog about this is here.
My everyday 'meals' that I take with Xeloda must include these:
1. Habbatus Sawda pills
2. Hempedu Bumi (Bile of the Earth) with tumeric pills
3. Milk Thistle with Dandelion
4. Alpha Linolic Acid
5. CoEnzyme Q10
6. Sugarless Rozelle Hibiscus Juice mixed with aloe vera
7. Multivitamin
8. Neurobion pills for my nerve
9. Pecah Beling leaves - to chew
10. Misai kucing leaves (because it is deuretic, I take it every other day)
11. Sambung Nyawa leaves - to chew
12. Juices of beet root, dragon fruits, green apples, celery stalks, oranges, carrots
13. More fruits and vegetables
14. Olive oils and more garlic in the dishes
15. Soy and cereals

Ya Rabb, please cure Sister Dalilah and other cancer patients pain and sickness. May their life fill with repentance, zikr and thankfull for your test. Who are we to question your power, loves and rahmah. Please let us be strong, healthy and acceptance with this test. Ya Allah, Ya Rahman , please forgive us.

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